Friday, December 18, 2009

From The Golden Rule

From The Golden Rule

A wonderful rule to live by is the Golden Rule. It is not easy to do, but trying to live by the Golden rule is worth our effort. Normally, very very good things emanate from this religious and philosophical guide to our behavior.

We have such deep feelings of love, affection and tenderness for our children. Looking at my own young children, and now at my young grandchildren, I have found myself fervently hoping that that other people in their future will also treat them in loving, kind, and gentle ways.

After many years of marriage it is all to easy to take our life-partners for granted.

As an extension of the Golden Rule we should treat our husbands, wives or life-partners with the same love and gentle kindness that we have shown to our children..and also in those ways that we fervently hope unknown others will treat our children during the rest of their lives.

Dr. Tom

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