Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Universal Code of Moral Behavior (UCMB)

Love, Honor, and Obey

Love, Honor, and Obey Your God or Your Benevolent Source of Faith

Love, Honor and Take Care of Your Parents, Family, Spouse and Children

Treat Others The Way You Want Them To Treat You

Be Kind To Living Things

Treat The Environment With Care, Respect, and Conservation

Obey The Just and Moral Laws of Your Society That Conform To The UCMB

Be Kind To Strangers

Be Generous

Be Honest and Fair

Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

Learn, Love and Live In Accordance With The Scientific Laws of

The Physical and Behavioral World

Do Not Harm Others

Do Not Do Harmful Things To Others

Do Not Use Violence Except In Dire and Unavoidable Defense of The Innocent, Helpless, or Yourself and Loved Ones

Do Not Kill Humans Except In Dire and Unavoidable Defense of The Innocent Others, Yourself and Loved Ones

Do Not Kill Animals Except Only As Necessary For Food and Survival

Do Not Steal

Do Not Lie

Do Not Cheat

Do Not Steal The Love of Another Person’s Spouse or Mate

Do Not Harm Yourself

Do Not Damage Yourself or Your Family Through Inebriation With Drugs or other Harmful Substances

Do Not Damage Yourself and Your Family By Betting or Wagering In Games of Chance

Do Not Be Sexually Promiscuous or Trade Sexuality For Material Gain

Do Not Be Jealous of The Material Possessions of Others

Do Not Seek Vengeance: Learn To Forgive While Protecting Yourself and Your Family From The Harm That Others Can Do To You and Them

Do Not Commit Suicide or Purposefully Do Harm To Yourself Physically or Emotionally

Never Harm The Children

Do Not Create A Human Life That You Are Unable To Sustain By Providing ForTheir Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Needs

Do Not Abuse (Physically or Verbally), Neglect, or Abandon Your Children. If You Are Unable To Care For Them, Provide For Loving and Competent Others Who Can

Do Not Procreate Outside Of Marriage or A Relationship Committed To Raising Your Children To Adulthood

Do Not Divorce or Abandon Your Family With Dependent Children Except For Chronic Infidelity, Violence, or Drug/Alcohol Abuse or Addiction.

Dr. Tom.


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