Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"An Once of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure"

"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure"

Dear Parents,

Sailors do it the old and traditional way. They are more interested in enjoying the voyage than simply looking forward to reaching their destination. This is a great lesson for our parenting years, and life in general!

Though I did my best to enjoy my parenting years, I often find myself wishing that I would have taken even more time to appreciate and enjoy my my time with our young children and adolescents.

There is yet another lesson for parents, straight from our sailing heritage. Sailing a sailboat can be a wonderful, relaxing, and fulfilling experience. It can also have its times of danger, fear, and anxiety. Sailors are taught to "reef", or reduce their sails, at the first signs of a big blow, or a storm. It is unnecessarily hazardous to wait until the ship is in a big storm to go on deck and attempt to get the sails under control.

In all things, prevention is the best policy.

A very long time ago, I learned that helping parents who's children were showing psychological/behavioral problems normally worked best when when the children were young and/or, the problems were early in their development.

After over 30 years of psychological practice, I can tell you that this observation still holds true and I now consider it to be a very important Principle of Psychological treatment.

There is no reason for high anxiety. Developing children are constantly changing, as is their behavior patterns. Enjoy the process!

However, if emotional or behavioral problems appear to be emerging, monitor the situation carefully. If the difficulty continues for several weeks, or appears to be getting worse be sure to check with your pediatrician or family doctor. It is very important to rule-out any medical problems and get a professional opinion regarding the seriousness of your child's developmental problem.

If your concerns are validated, or if you still have uneasiness about your child's emotions or behaviors, do not be hesitant to consult a Licensed Child Psychologist in your State. It will be especially beneficial if this professional is skilled in Behavior Modification methods with children. The knowledge you will gain can give you confidence and help you to prevent the development of more serious problems in your child.

Remember to "reef "early! "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Dr. Tom

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