Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day 1911: God Bless The USA!

Independence Day 1911: God Bless The USA!

I admit that I am a patriot. And I remember the dawning days of political correctness when it first caused me emotional discomfort to make that statement. As I now watch those forces that first made it difficult for me to confess my patriotism destroy my culture I will no longer be silent.

It is now a matter of the survival of our way of life. Our liberty is in its greatest peril since WWII. The forces of our defeat and decline are gathering strength within our own borders, within our own government, and from many Radical Islamic enclaves around the world. It is now us, or it is them who will be defeated; and we had better damn-well make sure that it is them!

I hope you will view this 4th of July as a time to rise up and arm yourselves with the most powerful weapon at your disposal: Your vote. Attack the forces of our undoing with your vote!

Vote for traditional Judeo/Christian and other compatible religious values. Vote-out the lying,cheating, reprobate politicians. Vote for term limits to help protect against future waves of corruption. Do it in 2012, it is likely to be your last chance.

Now see and enjoy these two powerful patriotic videos. The forces of our undoing have been using bad propaganda to damage us since the 1960′s. Lets enjoy some good propaganda as we strengthen ourselves for the political fight of our lives!

“God Bless The USA”, a moving musical tribute.

Astonishing 9 year-old sings our National Anthem

Dr. Tom,    July 4, 2011

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