Monday, January 11, 2010

No Money For Counseling?

No Money For Counseling?

I just located a question posed in response to one of my blogs. The question was to the effect of "what do I do when I need counseling and do not have insurance or money to pay for it?"

I am so sorry that I did not see this question earlier. But most cities have Mental Health Centers (Community Mental Health Centers)that are publically funded. I will admit that I have heard complaints about the services in these centers, but I have also seen many people helped by them. If you do not have insurance or funds to pay for therapy or psychiatric services, I would urge you to seek help at one of the Community Mental Health Centers near you.

If you are a grade school or high school student, talk to a counselor there.

If you are a college student, go to the counseling center on campus.

If you are a veteran you can contact the veterans administration.

Many organizations have sliding fee scales, based upon your financial situation.

Also, If you were to "let your fingers do the walking" and call the local practitioners in your area (psychologists and social workers), you are likely to find a couselor who is willing to take reduced fees and to let you make partial payments on them. Frequently, 4 to 8 sessions can be very helpful and it would be well worth your effort to pursue this course.

I urge those who have psychological, or life coping problems, to make a plan, execute it and get help. Frequently problems do nothing but build or "snowball", until they are dealt with.

If you are destitute, call the department of public welfare for further guidance as to how you can get help to begin to reconstruct your life and gain access to psychological services.

Don't be shy, call around util you find a professional who will help you. Attack your problems. Get it done! Just do it!

God Bless.

Dr. Tom

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